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Giddy 3 is now on Android!

Posted on Mon, 27 Aug 2012 20:07:26 GMT
Thanks to the efforts of my work colleague, Giddy 3 is now also available for Android!

Giddy 3 in the Google Play store

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I have an app in the HP webOS app catalogue!

Posted on Thu, 22 Sep 2011 21:24:24 GMT
I have ported Giddy 3 to HP webOS. Its available now in the app catalogue for the Palm Pre and HP Touchpad!

How to find your Sky+HD box mac address

Posted on Tue, 02 Aug 2011 21:20:12 GMT
If you are a Sky+HD TV subscriber, and also have Sky broadband, all you have to do to use the new Anytime+ video on demand service is connect the ethernet port on your set top box to your broadband router, and request activation on the sky website.

Great, except that my router is in a different room to my Sky+HD box, and I don't want to move them together, or run a wire through. So, instead I bought a WiFi to ethernet bridge, which allows you to use any wired ethernet device as a WiFi device (I bought this one).

Before attaching the wifi bridge to the sky box, you need to configure it. To do this, you just install the software on the included CD on your windows computer, plug in the wifi bridge, and run the setup wizard. The wizard finds the bridge, scans for wireless networks, and lets you configure it. I did so, and after adding the ethernet port mac address of my laptop to the whitelist on my router, and disabling the built in wifi on my laptop, I could still access the internet through the wifi bridge.

I disconnected the wifi bridge, and hooked it up to the Sky+HD box. I configured the TCP/IP settings on the Sky+HD box, and then went to find the mac address for the whitelist of the router... except that i couldn't find it in the setup menus anywhere, or on the box itself. A quick google found quite a few people with the same problem, but no solution.

So, here is how you find your Sky+HD box mac address:

* Give the box a static IP address that is valid for your network
* Disable mac address filtering on your wifi router
* On your PC, try to ping the Sky+HD box. It won't respond to pings, but that doesn't matter.
* Type "arp -a", and you'll see the mac address next to the IP address you gave the box

Now you can add it to the whitelist, and turn mac address filtering back on.

I have a vague recollection that the Sky broadband router whitelist editor will even give you a list of unrecognised mac addresses, so if you're still using the standard Sky router wifi, you might be able to just give the Sky+ box a fixed IP, and find the mac that way. I use a linksys router for my wifi, because the wifi in the sky box is broken (and the linksys wifi is much faster anyway), so I had to do the above.

On a related note, I'm thinking of making my AmigaOne wireless using one of these bridges instead of a prism2 card, since it saves a PCI slot. If I get round to it, i'll share my experiences here.

How to fix a key on an Amiga or CDTV keyboard

Posted on Mon, 04 Apr 2011 22:17:54 GMT
I use a CDTV keyboard with my AmigaOne, so I can have the real Amiga keyboard experience, but in black to match the case of the computer. Recently, the left shift key started wearing out, and I would have to press it quite hard for it to register.

This made programming quite frustrating. After popping off the key cap, I found that pushing a bit of wire into the hole reliably completed the circuit for the shift key. So, I cut off the leg of a spare capacitor I had lying around, folded it in two, and pushed it into the underside of the shift key. Now I have a perfectly functional CDTV keyboard again! It should also work on most other Amiga keyboards, but if you try it and it breaks your keyboard, don't blame me!

Here is a terrible, blurred image of the key, pin and a 10p coin for scale. Sorry its so rubbish, the camera on my phone is normally great, abut apparently not for close-ups in poor light.

webOS 2.0 looks good...

Posted on Sun, 24 Oct 2010 11:19:07 GMT
I have an original Palm Pre phone. Many people have said that the screen is too small, or the processor is too slow, or it doesn't have enough apps. Well, I think its a fantastic phone, and the next OS update looks like a really nice update if this video is anything to go by...


Another update to Pete's FTP

Posted on Mon, 03 May 2010 14:16:04 GMT
Just updated Pete's FTP to version 1.1.

The changes are:

Oric emulation

Posted on Fri, 02 Apr 2010 20:21:47 GMT
For about a year or so when I was a child, I owned an Oric Atmos. I didn't have many games for it, and it was quickly replaced with a C64. I never saw another Oric before or since.

A couple of years ago, I decided to look into all things Oric again, and found that the best and most popular Oric emulator was a discontinued MS-DOS based one. So I decided to write one entirely from scratch. So I did. Every part of the emulation was written from scratch, CPU, video, AY audio, everything. The things I do for fun, eh?

And soon i will be bringing Oric emulation to the Wii. Which is nice.

What a crappy day...

Posted on Fri, 04 Dec 2009 22:27:55 GMT
Financial pressures have caused me to have to sell a lot of my Amiga stuff. The latest casualty is my Amiga 2000. I'm trying to put together a nice A2000 system to bring in a decent amount of money, so I got the Amiga out of the loft, found my AmigaNET zorro network card, and the floppy drive i'd borrowed for a different machine and started putting it all back together.

Upon firing it up, I realise that the hard disk is broken, and my only other SCSI hard disk is in my A1200. Oh well, I can always get another disk for the A1200 in the future, and theres nothing on there that isn't replacable, so I grabbed the HD out of there and put it in the 2000. Of course, its only after I repartition and format the thing before it dawns on me that the A1200 was the only way for me to download stuff from the internet and get it on a floppy disk; none of my modern machines even have floppy drives! I don't have the drivers for the AmigaNET card, or the GVP IOExtender in the A2000 and I was going to download them off the internet. Oh, and I can't find the AUI transceiver that lets you hook the network card up to modern networking equipment either. I must have seen that thing about a zillion times when I didn't need it... :-/

So now I can't even test half the stuff in the A2000.

Oh and my laptop decided to die too. I have no money for a replacement. What a crappy day.

Easily upload files via FTP from scripts etc.

Posted on Thu, 17 Sep 2009 17:20:46 GMT
Just a quick note to let you know that this perl script:


works perfectly out of the box on OS4.1 if you have the SDK installed (the SDK comes with Perl). Simply download it somewhere as ftpput.pl, and do something like:

1.Workbench> perl ftpput.pl --server=ftp.example.com --verbose --user=username --pass=password --dir=/whatever file1 file2

Which could come in handy for DOS scripts etc. I've just used it from a C program via IDOS->SystemTags().

Six years with OS4...

Posted on Thu, 10 Sep 2009 15:09:10 GMT
It occurred to me today that in December i'll have been an OS4 user for six years, since I signed up as a betatester in 2003.

It still seems like OS4.x is a "new era" of Amiga computing in my head, but since I got my first Amiga 15 years ago, i've actually spent 1/3rd of my total time as an Amigan with OS4 as my primary OS at home.

I've been pretty lucky, since my trusty AmigaOne has been rock solid stable all through this time, but I really do use it almost every day (although I probably should change the CPU fan, its still the original one!). I haven't fired up a Commodore Amiga since I sold my CyberstormPPC a couple of months ago (and to be honest I hardly used it by that point).

Although I still own an A500, A500+, A600, A1500 and A2000 (as well as a now CPU card-less A4000), I don't really use "classic" AmigaOS in any shape or form any more, and I don't miss it. OS4.x is giving me as much enjoyment as my 68k Amigas used to, and more.

So, thanks Hyperion and the OS4 team for 6 years of great computing, heres to many more!

Bye bye, tag soup!

Posted on Fri, 04 Sep 2009 12:25:40 GMT
I've decided to completely remake my website from scratch, and now that we have OWB and Netsurf, I'm finally free of table hell and tag soup! Thats it, i'm dragging my website kicking and screaming into 1999 and using CSS!

Actually, i'm technically dragging it into 2009 by using HTML5, but I doubt i'll actually use many HTML5 features.

Hello, World.

Posted on Sun, 31 May 2009 22:05:59 GMT
Well, this is handy. I already planned to completely overhaul petergordon.org.uk, and I think I'll move the blog section here. I might even update it more than once a decade.